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We are here to provide affordable concierge medical weight loss services from the comfort of your home!


*States Available: VA,MD,ME,CT,NV,AZ & Washington,DC


At Altru Telehealth, we provide our patients with the most experienced and dedicated licensed medical professionals. Our company ethos is founded in altruism- the selfless concern for the well-being of others. We believe in it so much that we put it in our name! Our goal is to provide each client with empathetic quality care in an affordable, responsible and easily accessible manner. We minimize wait times and do our best to offer services as quickly and efficiently as possible, to the best of our ability. Meet your new care team! 



Semaglutide is effective, but patience is key to getting the full benefit from this medication. We start you on a low dose and increase it slowly to minimize negative side effects. It can take 9-16 weeks to achieve full dose/strength for therapeutic level. Although semaglutide can significantly help with weight loss, there is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise for lifelong success. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the fundamentals of good health. Remember weight loss and weight management is a journey, not a destination.


*The medication you may be prescribed is a generic compounded medication and is not associated with the Novo Nordisk™ company or the brand-name medications Wegovy® or Ozempic®

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 FDA-Approved weekly injection with the active ingredient used in Ozempic & Wegovy® that has helped many people lose and maintain weight loss in combination with diet and exercise to maximize results.

Injectable Semaglutide
$289 per month
For starting dose
*New clients get $25 off first visit*

Affordable Concierge Price
No Hidden Fees
No Contracts 


Our GLP-1 Weight Loss Program


Initial consultation and Blood tests

  • Meet online with your medical provider to discuss goals and semaglutide medication  ​

  • Review lab results​

  • Order your semaglutide medication if eligible

*Blood work not required for Vitamin B12 & Lipo​ injections


Receive Medication

  • Semaglutide medication is delivered directly to your home address​ to start your weight loss journey immediately


Follow up and

Medication refill

  • Schedule follow-up check-in's to discuss semaglutide progress.​​

  • Adjust medication as necessary based on the patient's response​​

  • Refill medication as needed

What makes Altru different?


Firsthand experience

Our medical providers know firsthand the struggle of weight loss & weight management. All of our providers are actively using the weight loss therapies that Altru offers.They can attest to the safety, efficacy & success they have gained! You are welcome to ask our medical providers their own experience with medical weight loss!


45 minute video televisit  medical provider

We prioritize comfort for our patients throughout the course of the treatment. We take the time to discuss objectives, goals, and any concerns that may arise with each patient. We then develop a strategy that works for YOU as a whole. 


Weekly Customized Dosage

Every person's body is unique & they may react to drugs differently. We don't utilize a standard dosage plan since we've discovered that it doesn't always produce the best results; instead, we speak with you about your experience once a week and then dose correctly to optimize outcomes while reducing adverse effects. 


Direct Shipping

Other clinics do the consultation but leave it up to you to order from the pharmacy. This increases the likelihood of delays, miscommunications &  overall just an unnecessary headache for you. Altru manages all shipments of medication for you so you can maintain your peace of mind. Shipped directly to your front door so there is NO wait time to begin your weight loss!


Telehealth Visit

Our top goal is keeping you safe on your medical weight loss journey. A licensed medical provider will check your unique medical history by reviewing any current medications, review bloodwork and other health-related information during your telehealth consultation to make sure the medical service you have chosen is safe and appropriate for your wellness objectives. If approved for a prescription, an FDA-approved sterile compounding pharmacy will get a prescription following your telemedicine session, and the medication will be delivered right to your door. 

Our Clients Say

Young woman before and after weight loss on white background. Health care and diet concept
"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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